Sainsburys Benefits, Perks and Employee Discounts.

Sainsburys is one of the United Kingdom’s largest supermarket chains, and its parent company also owns both Argos and Habitat.

As a result of this, if you are an employee for any of these three retailers, you will be eligible for the various Sainsburys benefits and employee perks, which are explained below.

Sainsburys Benefits & Perks.

1. Paid Holidays at Sainsburys.

As a Sainsburys, Argos or Habitat employee, you will have a paid holiday entitlement, which also increases over the duration of your career. Although the entitlement varies depending on your position, 22 days is a common starting point, while entitlement for part-time employees is provided on a pro rata basis.

2. Sainsburys Employee Discount.

After you have been working in your role for 12 weeks, you become eligible for a 10 percent discount on shopping at Sainsburys or Argos, both online and in store. In addition, you can also benefit from a 25 percent discount in store at Habitat, and you can nominate a second card user, as long as you live at the same address as them.

sainsburys benefits employee discounts

The Sainsburys Colleagues Discount Card will give you 10% off all Sainsbury’s and Argos items.

3. Sainsburys Pension Scheme.

Employees are automatically enrolled into the company pension scheme, which also provides free life cover, amounting to one year’s worth of pay. This cover and your pension can be enhanced further through ‘Step Up’ contributions, where you pay more out of your salary to receive more from the pension scheme.

4. Cycle to Work Scheme.

In order to promote cycling, Sainsburys offers a ‘cycle to work’ scheme, where you can hire a new bicycle and cycling equipment from the company and receive a 10 percent discount on the costs.

5. Sainsburys Employee Assistance Programme.

Through the Employee Assistance Programme, you will be able to gain access to free and confidential help related to a number of different topics, including financial and legal advice. In addition, counselling services are also available on a short-term basis, assisting you in times of distress, crisis or grief.

6. Sainsburys Social Association (SSA).

For a small joining fee, you can become a member of the Sainsburys Social Association, which will enable you and your partner to enjoy exclusive discounts on outings and various leisure activities.

7. Interest-Free Travel Loan.

Once you have passed your initial probationary period and have worked with the company for at least 12 weeks, you will be able to apply for an interest-free loan, allowing you to purchase an annual or six monthly travel pass. Crucially, this can make your daily commute to work easier and more affordable.

8. Sainsburys Service Awards.

Colleagues who remain with the company for a long time receive rewards, such as gift cards, for their loyalty and continued service. These recognitions will often be timed to mark significant career milestones.

9. Love It.

‘Love It’ is the name of another of the Sainsburys benefits, where employees are given exclusive access to additional savings or special offers from thousands of different businesses. These discounts apply to everything from shops to restaurants, allowing you to save money on your days out.

10. Annual Bonus Scheme.

Through an annual bonus scheme, it is possible to top up your pay. The precise bonus schemes and rates will differ depending on your role and the store you work in, but bonuses are usually tied to performance.

11. Full Sick Pay at Sainsburys.

Finally, as a Sainsburys employee, you are also entitled to full sick pay, albeit for a maximum of three sick days per year. If you take any more sick days than that, you may face disciplinary action unless you have a good excuse.