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Mysainsburys – Oursainsburys Login.

Oursainsburys Quick Login, in 4 easy steps.

How do I log in to Oursainsburys or Mysainsburys?

  1. First, you must know your National Insurance number and have it ready.
  2. Your username is [email protected] (for example: [email protected]).
  3. Your Oursainsburys password is the same as your national insurance number. But the first letter must be in capital letter.
  4. Click here to go directly to the official Oursainsburys login page and sign in to your account. Forget about, that is an old website which is no longer in use. Logging in to Oursainsburys for the first time, the system will ask you to change your password immediately.

You must be registered as a valid employee, before you can login to

For more help and information visit our main Oursainsburys page.

Is there an Oursainsburys App?

Does an Oursainsburys app exist, and can I login through an app?

Answer: No, Sainsburys have not released an Oursainsburys app. To access Oursainsburys from your mobile phone, simply open your mobile internet browser and type in “” in the URL address bar and click enter.

Then enter your login credentials.

The Oursainsburys Login Page Looks Like Microsoft Outlook.

If you are concerned that the login page looks like an Outlook email page, then fear not.

Sainsburys uses the Microsoft Outlook interface for the login process. The correct login page will begin with, followed by a long set of numbers and letters, and will be branded “Together We Are Sainsburys” logo.

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  • comment-avatar
    Jane meah May 27, 2019

    I am an ex employe and would like my P60 sent please could you help and advise
    Thank you

    • comment-avatar

      If you have lost your P60, then you can get a replacement P60 from Sainsburys. All employers must keep copies of the P60’s that they issue for 3 years. Sainsburys will have copy of your P60, but it will say ‘Duplicate’ on it.
      Contact the Sainsburys HR department for a copy of your P60.
      However, an employer is not obligated to automatically give you a copy of a P60.
      If Sainsbury’s refuse to give you your old P60, for some, reason, then your other option is to contact HMRC. HMRC cannot issue a copy of a lost P60, though, as a P60 is issued by your employer, but it is not sent to HMRC. HMRC can provide you with official information about your earnings/tax deductions, however.

  • comment-avatar
    David J Wright June 18, 2019

    Good Morning
    I have retired early actually finished yesterday , I have just realised that I don’t have my P60 for the tax year 2018 – 2019 thought given to us now have been told it was sent out with the pay slips , have tried to see my pay slips on my Sainsburys but would seem its been closed .
    Can you send me a copy of the P60 please.

    David Wright

  • comment-avatar
    Calum White July 11, 2019

    I cant log in to my Sainsburys as it wont recognise my email address. I don’t understand this as its the email address I gave you when I joined the company and I have never used any other ones. Its very annoying as I cant access payslips or get any information about any company related matters

  • comment-avatar
    Margaret Spinks August 4, 2019

    Good morning
    I will have been with the company for 25 years on the 8th August 2019 how do I apply for my
    veterans card as I am retiring on the 30th november 2019 please could you advise me to how I go about it please.
    yours really grateful Margaret Spinks

  • comment-avatar
    Mr BHARAT S PATEL August 5, 2019

    P 60 are on line just like wage slips

  • comment-avatar
    Christopher Britten August 12, 2019

    I have received a new Staff Discount card. How do I activate it for online shopping?


  • comment-avatar
    Gloria Broad August 28, 2019

    I am retiring on Saturday 31st August. I have no idea what to do about my work pension. I have already handed in my resignation to my store manager. Please advise

  • comment-avatar
    Christine Mcparland September 25, 2019

    Can some tell how to get wage slips on line now the forum has changed and I can’t seem to find the correct way to get onto it

  • comment-avatar
    Jill Parker December 2, 2019

    How do I register my Sainsbury’s Veteran discount card for on line ordering and shopping?

  • comment-avatar

    As Calum I am not able to access my online Sainsbury’s details
    Rung HR but they don’t know why and not bothered about it

  • comment-avatar

    I have received a staff discount card, how do how activate it to be useful.
    Please let me know. Thanks

  • comment-avatar
    Michael Bennett February 4, 2020

    i need to log into my portal account to get information but its not letting saying my username isnt valid.

  • comment-avatar
    chris humphries April 4, 2020

    im a sainburys employee and for the umpteenth time i have entered my email and login name and password and none are recognised by your system, this has happened constantly since i have been employed by sainsburys. i have spoken to hr on many occasions, my account gets reset then when i go to check it again at a later date my email is not recognised. this is a terrible webpage but as long as your employees get to work and earn you even more money you dont seem to care that they cant access the website. absolutely shocking management almost as bad as sports direct in my opinion

  • comment-avatar
    Louise Harmes May 6, 2020

    I started on 8th March 2020 and have not been able to log in to see my payslips. I work nights.
    Please can someone contact me to tell me how to do this or send me a link or something as I believe my wages have been incorrect.
    Thank you

  • comment-avatar

    How do I register my veteran discount card for online shopping?

  • comment-avatar
    David Stone June 28, 2020

    When using my IPAD to access my JS colleague account and wage slips, I find I get an icon called Oracle Cloud seeking some mysterious unknown password. This stops me printing off my wages slip. What is this Oracle Cloud blockage, why have I got on my Sainsbury’s details, how can I overcome this frustrating issue, please?

    Last time I phoned to speak to HR there was no one there!

  • comment-avatar
    Will Rudd June 29, 2020

    Who do I contact regarding my P45 and wage slips from when I worked at Sainsburys,

  • comment-avatar

    On MYHR won’t let me in. Goes oracle. Authentication failed. Any ideas?

  • comment-avatar
    chris toseland September 24, 2020

    Unable to access my online account-sent an identical message last month but no reply

  • comment-avatar
    Gina wright November 2, 2020

    I’ve been on a career break for 6 months and back working as agreed with my managerI’m concerned my previous 31 years maybe lost. Need to know how I can check this. As I’ve nothing in writing to confirm this.

  • comment-avatar
    Anne Lovelace November 13, 2020

    I have a print out of my holidays I have taken but the hours I have left do not add up to the the same as korons please help. Iam now off as I have to stay home because of covid and my manager said it is ok but it does not add up please help thankyou

  • comment-avatar
    Peter Bazeley November 20, 2020

    Ridiculous. Cant view my payslip. I have been locked out of my account for some reason. Cant find anywhere to make contact with HR at Pepper Hill, Gravesend.

    • comment-avatar

      i have same issue please tell me what should do and i did not collect my pay and my account is locked

  • comment-avatar
    Russell Potter February 17, 2021

    I worked for Sainsbury’s for 1 week and received my payslip and P45 today. Payslip shows that I have been paid just over £121 however I have not received this. Is there anyway I can contact payroll or HR to sort this out. After all I am not having Sainsbury’s advise HMRC that I have paid tax on earnings that I have not received. Get back to me asap

  • comment-avatar
    Christine June 9, 2021

    I too can’t log in to my sainsburys account. I’ve had the same email address since starting in 2016. Never had this trouble before. I need to view my payslips and can’t. What can I do?

  • comment-avatar

    Hi I have recently left Sainsbury’s after near 4 years and waiting on my p60 for my new job also I can login to access my last pay slip how can I get this information to see if I was paid properly

  • comment-avatar
    K A Hallett October 1, 2022

    Hi, I worked at Sainsburys for 20+ years but was dismissed on ill health due to Long Covid Dec 2021. Since then I have not been able to access my Sainsburys account any more, but I keep getting emails from Sains Love It Support saying that I should withdraw the Rewards I have on my Love It account. Firstly, I dont know that I have anything on there to claim, but even if I have, I have no way of accessing my account to check or redeem them.
    I have tried contacting the Support Team at Reward Gateway, without any useful assistance.

  • comment-avatar
    Adewunmi Adeyemi November 25, 2022

    Hello, I’m an ex-employee and I’ve been trying to get a reference from Sainsbury’s for over a week now. My new employer already sent an email to the reference team and also filled the form. There still hasn’t been a reply yet and I’ve been calling HR, they told me they can’t find a reference request on me. Could you please help me with this? Thank you

  • comment-avatar
    Tibebu Tekle December 25, 2022

    I worked for sainsbury in 2021 and I want to get a reference for a new job I am applying now. What is the email address and phone number I can give my employer? I worked at a local sainsbury next to Hither Green Station?

  • comment-avatar
    christine moss December 29, 2022

    IO am trying to enter Kronos but have been unsuccessful. How do I do it

  • comment-avatar
    CLAIRE WORTHYLAKE January 16, 2023

    I finished working at sainsburys at Christmas. I need to have my last payslip and my p60.
    The person who was my manager is not being very helpful

  • comment-avatar
    Elizabeth Muir January 22, 2023

    Cannot a wage slip. TERRIBLE

  • comment-avatar

    I finished my Christmas Contract on the 4th February and have been paid today, I have just tried to log on to view payslip and it says my account has been locked, i need to access my payslip.

  • comment-avatar
    James Genge February 10, 2023

    I’m an ex employee and need to locate my Sainsbury’s contract but I am locked out of my account (due to leaving) and my contract was never sent via email. Please could someone send it across to me or advise how I can find it?

  • comment-avatar
    Ellie Roberts March 10, 2023

    I am applying for a mortgage and they need my payslip from sainsburys I have my clock number and the dates I worked

  • comment-avatar
    Mrs J KILNER May 10, 2023

    trying to get a P60 printed offer sent to home address. As retiring in June .

  • comment-avatar
    Naushad Hussein Walilay June 4, 2023

    My name is Naushad Hussein Walilay, I tried to activate my colleague discount card, unfortunately I’m getting nowhere. I would appreciate if you could help me activate my card.

    Kind Regatds