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    COMMENTS (14)

  • comment-avatar
    walter cuthill August 2, 2019

    i cannot seem to access my sainsburys or kronos. the site will not accept my password or answers to security questions, very frustrating. i have lost out on holidays already due to this problem, i need help to log in asap

  • comment-avatar
    shaun richard fox September 25, 2019

    im having the same problem,

  • comment-avatar
    Joe Bloggs May 20, 2020

    How can a major UK supermarket sell such a wide variety of goods (often old food repackaged with a newer sell by date) and not be contactable ??
    Very third world and immoral and unethical

  • comment-avatar
    Jayden Harrison July 3, 2020

    I haven’t been paid on time and my pay slip says I will only be paid for 12 hours despite working 27 hours.

  • comment-avatar
    brian parton August 1, 2020

    i could not access my account on line it seems to be wiped out

  • comment-avatar
    Sarah Fox-Jones September 24, 2020

    I left the company and have been totally gaslighted.
    I am trying to find out if the hours I did will actually be paid to me. My email login for Oursainsburys has been blocked no line manger will call me back. I left because I hurt my back but I am glad I left now if this is how you treat staff.

  • comment-avatar
    susan wass October 12, 2020

    can anyone help me by telling me how and where i report a lost discount card and how i go about getting a replacement

  • comment-avatar
    Adam richmond October 14, 2020

    Got e-mailed my details (literally 5 mins ago) to login and accept transfer from standalone Argos store to Sainsburys SIS but cannot login. Unable to reset password as I need to have originally logged in, to set a password, to recover my password. Would greatly appreciate this resolved within the 72 hour time limit to accept the new contract. Many thanks,
    A. Richmond.

  • comment-avatar
    Cara Nissana October 17, 2020

    I have tried applying for numerous jobs with Sainsburys and the website crashes every time, I would love a job here.
    Please bring back paper applications.

  • comment-avatar
    Gary Watts February 3, 2021

    How long does sainsburys continue to pay sick pay in the event of long term illness?

  • comment-avatar
    Vladimir Pazur February 5, 2021

    Hi having same problem oracle error poping up,asked for reset account never get email back etc,…what to do?

  • comment-avatar
    Hisham Jouhary July 14, 2021

    Hi there, i need my P45 or a statement of earnings sent to my new address. would you be able to do so ASAP ? Apologies for the rush.

  • comment-avatar

    Can I be forced to wear a face covering in a food service department. Also I’m being told it’s been made mandatory

  • comment-avatar

    Recently left my job at Sainsbury’s, Mysainsburys account has been blocked, I can’t see my final payslip and I need my P45. I’ve had problems before with being paid incorrectly and would really appreciate some help, managers at the store are not going to help me with this as “its not their department”. Thanks